Support Policy

To have a better experience and to make the best use of the provided support policy it is important to go through the whole policy options and terms.

Support medium

To get support customers must have a support ticket. We have templates, extensions, tutorial, knowledgebase information these types of various forms of support but we don’t interact through social media with our customers. Because we hardly allow giving support service through other media (such as over Phone, though Twitter or Facebook)

Eligibility for getting support

We concern to give support to only our products.
  • Guidance for easy installation
  • Configuration for your satisfaction
  • Proper guidelines for making the best use
  • Proper disclosure of bugs and issues
  • Support for customization is prohibited.

Support language

We prefer English as the first language to provide support. If you are not enough good at English the authorities will not take any responsibility to give you your expected support. You have to make sure that your asking support way is in decent English to get understand so we can provide you the possible best service.

The priority to give support

The support facilities are open for all but in the list of priority to be very fair the customers who are with Pro means valid paid subscriptions will always remain at the top to get served over the free user. It doesn’t mean the support policy is only for the Pro user, we are enough supportive of our every customer.

Support response time

Our support policy guarantee to respond as soon as possible to the support request. Although we monitor our online request 24/7 so we never fail to respond within 48 business hours. Sometimes it takes time to identify the root cause of your query and it can not be humanly possible to answer instantly always so we will ask u to be patient. please cooperate in the meantime until your solution.

Documentation  section

We have documentation which will certainly solve your queries. Such as ‘How to use’ these types of queries are answered so you may not face any technical problem. We would like to suggest you go with our documentation section before having a support ticket for your using products. All the basic answers like installation, all configuration are clearly given.

FAQ section

If you visit the FAQ section you may have a more clear view of the products. It will help you in searching for some products that you may need in the near future. Because there is a high possibility that your searching may get similar to the frequently asked questions or future questions that may arise after using. So visiting the FAQ section you may become more conscious and self-supportive to the products.

Our support also includes

It is the principal job of our support team to sort out the bugs of the claimed products as early as possible after identifying the root cause. Even if needed we update the whole product package. Sometimes it happens that your required support doesn’t go with our support policy in that case we redirect your queries towards the external article. To avoid your invalid expectations here goes a list of topic
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Server problems
  • PHP setting
  • Quickstart installation
  • High expectations in the comparison of 3rd party in the filed of plugins, component, scripts, modules and so on.
  • Any error due to customization which is related to product code.
  • The problem causes by not updating
About our support service, we can assure that our customers will get 24/7 access to ask for support and their issues are guidance directly by the developers. Thanks for being with us