Trail option so you buy better

We offer a live demo with all our products so you can be sure before buying. We would like to suggest for proper checking out of all plugins even if it is needed you can ask for your queries through email. Our support team is active 24/7 at our customer’s service.

Without explanation quick refund

For making your buying choice easier we have an option of getting a refund within 7 days (from the day of purchase) without explanations. If in case you don’t like it anymore even after buying you will certainly get the refund without giving any valid cause which means now making the choice of purchase will more flexible.

Basic terms and conditions to get the refund:
  • The request for refund has to make within 15 days of purchase.
  • If there creates any mismatch between the issue and description of the product.
  • In case of any technical fault such as in the installation, configuration or functional problem.
  • Lastly, if we fail to resolve the issue

A few matters of customer’s consideration

Our policy is ensuring customer’s refund as early as possible we can but sometimes if the claim matter can be resolved in that case we expect that our customers will allow us a chance to fix up the claim instead of a refund. This good faith will ensure that the customer is not taking advantage or misusing the refund policy.

Refund policy will not be applied if:
  • The refund issuing time is maximum 15 business day so after 15 business day of purchase, no refund will be issued.
  • If the web server of yours can not fullfill the requirements of WordPress.
  • If a conflict creates due to the existing scripts of other software in your WordPress.
  • If the products you purchase doesn’t go with your requirements (because we have provided explanatory demo of our products at our site.)
  • If you fail to make a connection between your refund reason and our refund policy’s terms and conditions.
  • In the case of bundle purchase, there is no consideration of having a refund. Because when a custom purchase bundle it seems that he is already experienced with the package.

Full acceptance of refund policy

We would like to suggest our customers go through the whole refund policy’s each term and conditions. Because when one of our customers claim for refund we assume that you are aware of our all terms and conditions after accepting them completely you are asking for a refund or replace.

Update of refund policy

We keep our all plugins updating all the time as well as our sites too so, in that case, there is a high possibility of updating the refund policy too and it can take place anytime. We hardly give any notice before updating but the updated policy will definitely help our customers. So before asking for a refund or any placement please do visit our refund policy just to be sure that your claim is eligible for the refund.

Attention to these notes, please
  • Cancellation of your account is completely your decision but due to the cancellation, there will be no refund.
  • Downloaded premium products will be unable to use after getting the refund.
  • A refund can take place a maximum of 2 weeks from the day you claim to refill your account.

N.B: these issues also will be applied to Sign Up plans and to the license. Getting refund is customer’s right and providing is our duty and we are always on it so dear customers feel free to get your right to have a refund but of course with valid reason.