How to get SMS notification from Contact Form 7 plugin

What is Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is one of the most popular plugins for creation of  forms and use them for various purposes. It is very easy to use. It is so popular because of its simplicity. It is very beginner friendly and anyone can make and manage a wonderful form using Contact Form 7 very easily.

Why to use a SMS notification plugin for Contact Form 7

Right now Contact Form 7 has millions of users and they are using this in their WordPress website. While using this beautiful plugin, thousands of forms are being submitted everyday through this. Sometimes, or rather most of the times, this might be a tough job to keep a track on the forms that have been submitted.

If you are searching for a solution, a very good one is Contact Form 7 SMS Integration plugin. It will make life so much easier for those who are using Contact Form 7.

Even though the admin can check the submitted forms manually from the admin dashboard, it can be hard to check for it every couple of minutes.

So, what’s better than getting a SMS in the mobile phone every time someone submits the form. And not only the notification, in the SMS, one might want to get the whole data the form contains. For extra, one can set up their own text also. Each form can have different settings.

Install the Plugin

Installing Contact Form 7 SMS Integration is just like installing any other WordPress plugin.

First, Download the plugin from


  1. Login to the admin panel of WordPress.
  2. Navigate to PluginsAdd NewUpload File.

iii. Click Choose File and select the downloaded file.

  1. Click Install. When done, click Activate.

Now, you can use the plugin Contact Form 7 SMS Integration.

How to set up the plugin to use

For setting up a SMS feature,

First, Login to the site’s WordPress dashboard and go to Contact → SMS Settings.

In SMS Settings, There is a dropdown box Select Gateway.

Select your preferred gateway from there.

You will need to set up your SMS gateway settings.

For this, Choose the gateway.

If you prefer Nexmo, go to to sign up and get your SMS details to use in SMS Settings of the plugin.

If you prefer ClickSend, to sign up and collect your SMS details.

Once you have entered all the details and API keys in the right place, Click Save Settings.

That’s it for the gateway part.

Set up SMS notification for a Contact Form

For managing a form from Contact Form 7 Login to the site’s WordPress dashboard and go to Contact → Contact Forms.

You will find the forms that you use or already created. Click on a form and on the top, there will be a tab named SMS Settings.

In the SMS Settings,

The Admin Phone Number field contains the number where you would want to get notification SMS. Insert it correctly with proper format and country code.

Enter SMS body is a field to set up the SMS body part for the form. Upon sending the particular Contact Form, the SMS you receive will have the body from there. This field is very flexible and you can set any SMS text in there and also all the form fields from the Contact Form are available to use.

Once all done, Save the settings. You are good to go.

Now whenever a form is submitted, a SMS notification will be sent to the admin.

This feature will add an extra bit of relief to any admin that uses Contact Form 7.

There is also a Pro version of this plugin which has some more gateway and few exciting features.

You can check this out here:

I hope this article helped you solve your problem regarding SMS notification for Contact Form 7 in WordPress.

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