WooCommerce SMS with MessageMedia Pro


While using WooCommerce is already a good experience, it can always be better with a few useful functionalities that will make your work easier. MessageMedia for WooCommerce Pro is a plugin to extend your WooCommerce store capabilities and create new opportunities for your business.

MessageMedia is one of the leading and best SMS service providers worldwide. With their amazing SMS service, it is possible to send SMS over 200 countries using our plugin.

MessageMedia for WooCommerce Pro has extended exciting features along with all of the features provided in MessageMedia for WooCommerce (free) plugin.


Setup Campaign for All Your Customers

Setup a campaign with all the WooCommerce Customers from your store

Setup Campaign for Selected Customers

Setup a campaign with only selected WooCommerce Customers from your store

Send Customized SMS to

Send your custom SMS individually or at once to customers 

Send Individual SMS using Phone Number

Send a custom SMS using phone number to anywhere


No, the plugin only supports regular texts messaging through sms service by MessageMedia.

Yes, possible. You just have to create new customer status and setup customer Text Contents from Body Settings. 

No, the plugin only allows sending an SMS notification to customers when their order status changes. 

Bulk SMS option is available in to PRO version. 

No, It doesn’t. However, in to our PRO version it will enable 2FA verification .